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Tam Man Ching was born in Hong Kong. She obtained her BA in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020. Her creative practices mainly involve mixed media, installations and interventional practices. She is stimulated by contemporary primitivity to explore the attachment recalled in human amidst their ambivalence towards the world. Through the practices she examines and explores the relationship among constructs and people with everyday objects, concurrently establishing her conversations with humanity and the cosmos. 


Her works have been shown in exhibitions and screenings including A Clockwork Lai Chi (2020), Fresh Trend (2020), and Video Cypher (2019).  


She currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Being accepted into the ACO residency programme in 2020, she and several peers founded Ipseng, a local artist collective. 


譚敏晴出生於香港,在2020年畢業於香港中文大學藝術系。她的藝術實踐主要覆蓋混合媒介、 裝置和藝術介入。她受當代的原始性啟發,在人類對世界的若即若離中探究被喚起的依賴性。 譚氏多以日常物件審視和探索人與建構的關係,同時建立她跟人文及宇宙的對話。

她曾參與展覽和放映於發條麗姿(2021)、出爐 (2020)、Video Cypher(2019)等。 她現於香港生活和工作,亦在2020年得藝鵠駐場藝術家計劃贊助,和幾位朋輩藝術工作者成立 了藝術群體---業生。

簡歷 Biography

1998               生於香港
                       Born in Hong Kong
2018               赴多倫多大學作交換生(秋季學期)
                       Studied in University of Toronto as an exchange student (fall term)
2020              畢業於香港中文大學(一級榮譽學士),主修藝術
                       Graduated with the Degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Major in Fine Arts, First-Class                           Honours)

部份展覽 Selected Exhibitions

2021             《發條麗姿》,賽馬會創意藝術中心            

                       A Clockwork Lai Chi, JCCAC Artist Village, Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong


                       Ipseng Open Studio, Foo Tak Building, Hong Kong

                     《賽馬會『傳‧創』非遺教育計劃 - 周年展覽》,chi K11 藝術空間
                       Jockey Club ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme – Annual Showcase, chi K11 Artspace, Hong Kong

2020            《猛暑 / 深水之中止渴思梅》,盧永滔、譚敏晴雙個展, 香港中文大學新亞書院錢穆圖書館

                       Harsh Heat / As Tantalus Quenches His Thirst, Duo Solo Exhibition of Lo Wing Tao & Tam Man Ching, Chi’en Mu Library,                           New Asia College, CUHK


                       Art Guerrilla Anytime, Wild Art Festival, Online, Outdoor and Foo Tak Building

                       Fresh Trend 2020 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition, Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong City Hall, Central

                     《Landescape1823 0.2》,Landescape1823,馬灣廢村
                       Landescape1823 0.2, Landescape1823, Ma Wan Abandoned Village, Hong Kong

                     《Elaine Elaine》,中大藝術本科畢業生作品展2020,牛棚藝術村
                       Elaine Elaine, Works by CUHK Fine Arts BA Graduates 2020, Cattle Depot Artists Village, To Kwa Wan

2019             《城市的裂縫》,中大藝術 2019 本科生展,香港中文大學新亞書院誠明館
                       The Storm of Hymns, The Art of CUHK 2016 Undergraduate Exhibition, Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College

放映 Screening

2019             《HKCR X Video CypherX Upmood》,HKCR 3週年台慶,Terrible Baby, 香港逸東酒店
                       HKCR X Video CypherX Upmood, HKCR is 3, Terrible Baby, Eaton HK

獎項 Award

2017               才藝發展獎學金 2016/17

                       Talent Development Scholarship 2016/17

2017               陳啟豪校董藝術系獎學金,香港中文大學新亞書院
                       Mr. Kevin Chan Scholarship for the Department of Fine Arts, New Asia College, CUHK

2018               康本國際交流獎學金

                       Yasumoto International Exchange Scholarship 

2020              莫氏立體創作補助金 2019/20

                       Y.S. Mok 3-Dimension Creative Grant 2019/20



                       ACO Book Prize 

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