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A 1T s Soft t t t t fe se e   e four   e


250× 943 × 850  厘米 (可變)




Fabric, Bamboo strips, Threads

250 × 943 × 850 cm (variable)

Group work

In collaboration with Leung Hiu Ling, Fung Ching Laam and Wong Ting Tao



inner views of the structure

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-25 at

outer views of the structure


A1TsSoftttttfesee efour e is a three-meters tall soft installation that filled a 900 square meter exhibition space. It is a narrow route formed by a parallel of two pieces of extensive stretch fabric that allows visitors to walk into. As the distance between the fabric ''walls' are much narrower than visitors' bodies, their bodies would shape the outline and form of the installation. At the same time, since the stretch fabric is elastic, their skin would be wrapped. It is an experimental installation that explore a reciprocal relationship between installation and human body,
as well as discussing the autonomy of an installation.

A1TsSoftttttfesee efour e是件佈滿了九百平方米的展覽空間、三米高的軟雕塑。它是由兩塊很長的彈力布 組成的窄通道,觀眾可進入通道扭曲而成的迷宮。通道的闊度遠窄於觀眾的身體,於是他們走動的同時 塑造了雕塑的線條和形態。另一方面,由於布料屬彈性,觀眾的皮膚亦會被緊緊裹住。此實驗性裝置旨在探索 一種裝置與人體間的相互關係,以及裝置中的自主性。

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